Bittermilk Drink Mix Gift Set

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Available in 4 mixes:

Charred Grapefruit Tonic with Sea Salt (fresh lemon juice and lime juice, water, Florida golden cane sugar, charred grapefruit peel, cinchona bark) Mixes best with: vodka, white rum, gin or blanco tequila. Yields about 4 cocktails.


Bourbon Barrel-aged Old Fashioned (Florida golden cane sugar, water, molasses, fresh orange peel, spices, gentian root, cinchona bark, tartaric acid) Mixes best with: bourbon, rye whiskey, or other aged spirits. Yields about 8 cocktails.


Tom Collins with Elderflower & Hops (fresh lemon juice, water, Florida golden cane sugar, natural extract of elderflower and elderberry, centennial hops) Mixes best with: gin or vodka, but works well with light spirits and champagne. Yields about 4 cocktails.


Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour (fresh lemon juice, water, bourbon barrel smoked georgia honey, Florida golden cane sugar, fresh orange peel) Mixes best with: bourbon, but swap with tequila for a smoky margarita. Yields about 4 cocktails.


Each set includes 1 bottle of non-alcoholic cocktail mix, recipe card and beverage glass. Ships packaged in a gift box.

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