Chouquette 5 pc RBG Assortment

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5 pieces of milk and dark chocolate covered vanilla caramels featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg and inspirational words. Made in Bethesda, Maryland, by Chouquette.

Because you can't spell TRUTH without RUTH.


Luscious Vanilla Bean Caramel with Fleur de Sel crystals sprinkled inside a chocolate shell.

Organic and Kosher

Contains: Milk

Chouquette uses real ingredients to create beautiful, delicious, small-batch European style chocolate caramels. Infused with real, high quality ingredients, our soft, flavorful caramel is coated with family-owned Fair-Trade Guittard chocolate, then decorated with cocoa butter color derived from natural sources. Chouquette chocolates are naturally gluten-free.

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