Havre de Grace in the War of 1812: Fire on the Chesapeake

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In the early morning hours of May 3, 1813, British Rear Admiral George Cockburn launched a brutal attack on the city of Havre de Grace, Maryland. Without mercy for age or infirmity, the British troops plundered and torched much of the town. It was the beginning of the Chesapeake Campaign of the War of 1812, and it would only end with the burning of the capital and the failed siege of Baltimore. Author Heidi Glatfelter traces the attack and the response of the residents of Havre de Grace--from the bravery displayed by John O'Neill, who was taken prisoner by the British, to quick-thinking citizens such as Howes Goldsborough, who found ways to save their homes and those of their neighbors from total destruction. Join Glatfelter as she reveals the stories of a town under siege and a community determined to rebuild in the aftermath.


By Heidi Glatfelter, paperback, 160 pages

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