Captain Aust Quilt Top Pattern

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This kit for the Captain Aust Quilt Top (1852) includes the pattern with instructions and color chart, instructional DVD, and broadside with history of the quilt and the era.

Quilt size measures approximately 94-7/8" x 77-3/4" (depending on which side of the quilt top is measured).

The enduring appeal of Baltimore Album Quilts and the need to continue their traditions brought about the founding of the Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) in 1993. Centered around Baltimore, Maryland, where the first of these magnificent quilts was made over 150 years ago, the Society's members came together to advance two goals. One to support the preservation of quilts, textiles and related documents in museums and historical society collections and the second to promote the art of applique and quilting perfected by Baltimore women and revived in the 1980s.

For further information on the BAS, please check their website:

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